China National Day Holiday Approaching

The China National Day is coming soon. Starting October 1, there will be four days off in China; October 1 thru October 4. The statutory holiday for National Day is generally 5 days, and China usually adds the weekends before and after the holiday for a total of 7 days. In Mainland China, overseas institutions and enterprises take 3-7 days off, and they will hang lanterns or banners with “celebrate the National Day” and other slogans to celebrate the National Day. All walks of life enjoy the “National Day Golden Week” and spend a good time with family.

In Ancient China, when the emperor ascended the throne, his birthday would be known as the “National Day.” Today, the National Day is special founded for the anniversary of the People’s Republic of China, so people across the country will celebrate on October 1st every year. Since 1998, the National Day is the “Golden Week” holiday in mainland China.