Is Your Cargo Insured?

As a shipper we are typically busy controlling the daily challenges of running a business including managing the finances, making new sales, ensuring product is ordered and delivered in a timely manger.   We can get all of this right and forget one important component, Insurance.

One common thing overlooked is properly insuring your product and/or thinking that you are insured when you are really not.   Insurance is not always needed but is often proven to be beneficial should there be any unforeseen incident in the transportation of your product.

Shippers should purchase Cargo Insurance, whether it is for domestic US transit or international shipments that addresses their specific shipping needs, contains the limits, deductibles, terms and conditions that they require. The word "surprise" should never come up, once a loss has occurred.

No matter where you purchase your insurance take the time to understand all of the terms and conditions contained in the policy.

If you have any questions concerning your current insurance coverage, what it would cost to ensure your cargo and/or general insurance questions please give your South East World Wide representative a call to schedule an appointment.